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Harper's Holiday Survival Guide!!

In this holiday issue.  Someone onpa_waiting_room  and proanorexia  should share this ...

prevent weight gain

Tasty hors d'oeuvres and who-can-count-how-many glasses of champagne can add up to give to 10 extra pounds by January.  Stephen Gullo, president of New York's Institute for Health and Weight Sciences' Center for Healthful Living, provides easy tips to avoid packing on the pounds.
  • Wear formfitting clothes to parties.  You'll know instantly if you are gaining weight.
  • Never go out hungry.  No time for a balanced meal?  Have a few GG Bran Scandinavian crispbreads.  They are the highest-fiber crackers in the world, and with only 12 calories a slice, you could eat the whole pack and still lose weight.
  • If you don't have time to eat before an event, order a Virgin Mary with extra celeryTomato juice is an appetite suppressant.
  • Carbonated beverages can trick the body into feeling full.  Drinking a diet soda will help limit your intake.
  • Think finger control.  You should have nothing in your hands except for shrimp, crudités, chicken kebabs, or fruit.
  • If you have an issue with hors d'oeuvres, carry a clutch in one hand and a drink in the other.  It will be inconvenient to eat.
  • If you crave high-calorie cheese or chocolate, have no more than two pieces.
  • If you must drink, have only one or two cocktails.  Too much alcohol inhibits your judgment during a meal.  He suggests choosing something you don't love so you won't finish it as quickly.  It's not calories you should worry about but how drinking can work as an appetite stimulant.
  • To limit alcohol consumption painlessly, alternate one alcoholic beverage with a nonalcoholic drink.  If you are going to a long dinner, order a bottle of mineral water as a reminder.
Oh, is this how you white things out?

my "thinspo"

Not exactly thinspo, but Patrick Bateman's morning routine in American Psycho.


If I just get myself obsessed with my routine, maybe I'll become more active, thin, etc.  Less sitting in bed moping and more obsessively picking over myself and my apartment.  Yes.

It's almost embarrassing

How much weight I've gained in the past year.  Exactly one year ago, I was so slim.  I was back to my high school weight!  Nevermind that it came post-painful break up.  I just need to be with someone again and have them treat me like shit.  Then I'll shed those pounds like crazy!  Haha.

I don't want to have totally disordered eating, but I do want to put myself through a version of ABC just to get into the habit of not eating very much and also shedding pounds extremely quickly.  This all is embarrassing only because I should know better, but just can't help it.
Day 1: 500 calories (or less)
Day 2: 500 calories (or less)
3: 300 calories
4: 400 calories
5: 100 calories
6: 200 calories
7: 300 calories
8: 400 calories
9: 500 calories
10: Fast
11: 150 calories
12: 200 calories
13: 400 calories
14: 350 calories
15: 250 calories
16: 200 calories
17: Fast
18: 200 calories
19: 100 calories
20: Fast
21: 300 calories
22: 250 calories
23: 200 calories
24: 150 calories
25: 100 calories
26: 50 calories
27: 100 calories
28: 200 calories
29: 200 calories
30: 300 calories
31: 800 calories
32: Fast
33: 250 calories
34: 350 calories
35: 450 calories
36: Fast
37: 500 calories
38: 450 calories
39: 400 calories
40: 350 calories
41: 300 calories
42: 250 calories
43: 200 calories
44: 200 calories
45: 250 calories
46: 200 calories
47: 300 calories
48: 200 calories
49: 150 calories
50: Fast